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Being a Designer from 15+ yrs, my 2nd interest has always been logo designing. It certainly gives a joy when my work gets attention as a first step of branding.

Most of whom i mentor has asked me, how do you take logo design requirement from a start up client…

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The recent realization about me after I started working full time is, I do not prefer to go out with colleagues on weekends. But I see people all the time hang out with colleagues even on holidays. What I don't understand is, what to talk with them while hanging out…

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In a Design confy I attended recently, there was an interesting short talk by Parul Tyagi, A Design manager working in HP. Her talk spoke about the design process called (WOW), How we need to empathize with our own developers during designing and how to detach from the designs which…

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I have always wondered what is to live peacefully and happy. What is this fuss all about?

In my early career days, I thought earning enough money to lead a decent lifestyle is enough(well, I was never a fan of hi-fi luxurious life).

Then during early married days, I thought…

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I met 2 ladies in the park the other day, they introduced themselves as chopped vegetable vendors (such services are booming in Bangalore these days) and they explained about their business, how to reach them, etc., I was super impressed by their enthusiasm to do something own, their choice of…

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The other day I was reading an article about the same topic, I couldn’t stop myself to re-evaluate my own thoughts on “why divorces happens". I understand every marriage has different issues and a few things like physical and mental abuse can not be…

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We all know what Empathy is, we have been learning it since the day we became designers. We not only try to understand the problems of our audience, we want to give them solutions. But how many applications/products in the market targeted group by understanding human behavior and their personality?

Usha Sham

CUA™ HFI | UX Designer | Artist | A wanderer of Life | Curious | Seeker | Life Coach | Amateur Writer

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