How to take Client Spec for Logo Designing Project

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Being a Designer from 15+ yrs, my 2nd interest has always been logo designing. It certainly gives a joy when my work gets attention as a first step of branding.

Most of whom i mentor has asked me, how do you take logo design requirement from a start up client? How much do you charge, how to reach the expectation of client with minimum production and less iterations on final design. etc, etc,.

Here are some tips which have worked for me as a charm.

1. Know the client and business

Whenever a new project comes, ask questions, for example:

  1. What is your business?
  2. who are your customers?
  3. where are you located?
  4. where are they going to use this Logo?
  5. What is your Budget?

And many more…

2. Have they tried designing a logo before?

Some of my clients has mentioned it in the beginning itself, that they have come to me because it did not work out before or as a 2nd option. It has helped me to understand why the previous design did not work out and what is the expectation. It also reduces the re-work on most obvious ideas.

3. Take a brief on expectations

  1. Logo Type — Emblem Logo/Pictorial/Text/Combination
  2. Color — If they have any preference*
  3. Font styles — If they have any preference*
  4. Look and feel — This depends on the type of the business
  5. Others — like what should/ shouldn’t be in logo, any references?

Elegant/ Bold, Playful/Serious, Traditional/Modern, Personable/Professional, Feminine/Masculine, Colorful/Conservative, Economical/Upmarket — You should be the judge here if you have a clear view of business, or else, Ask..

3. Do your homework

Some clients are smart enough to know what they want and some of them are first timers. Be empathetic towards both type of customers and talk to them and understand their background. They could be a housewife, a pro businessmen, a student or a plumber. from what part of world they belong to, what is their culture and what they are intending to achieve from this branding exercise. If they have not thought about it, you are helping them by asking these questions.


Yes, i said that… it’s important to take money. Most of new business’s thinks logo should be good and either cheap/free.

They say 101 things like, “ it wont be only 1 time, it’s just beginning, it will give good exposure to you” blah..blah..

You know the effort, you know how much time you have invested to learn and develop the skill. Evaluate the effort and be sure to fix a price, don’t be shy to ask even if some part of your brain thinks it’s more.

Take some in advance so that they take you seriously and so do you!

Have a No Refund Policy!

4. Stick to timeline

People like honesty and one who sticks to their words, if you say you would finish the project in 7 days, do it.

5. Start sketching

Sketching the ideas helps you to put out all your thoughts and also sharing your best ideas to client gives them confidence in the progress of your work and ability to deliver on time.

Stick to minimum number of options for design while taking the project, If a client rejects everything you have worked on, then he/she is not serious in what they are intending to do, Re-think about it and discuss the same with client.

6. Digital and Colors

This is the best part, the final 1 or 2 designs selected by client is getting converted into a clean artwork and gets ready for presentation.

While choosing colors, keep in mind about business, audience and places the logo is been used. for eg: If it is only used digital, no need to use bright colors.

Refer — — to know the meaning of colors.

7. Last..

Present the logo well, here is a reference for good tips

Once it’s approved and since you already know where all it will be used, provide relevant file formats, fonts and specifications to use the logo as a package.

Read the following links to know the process of Logo Design and how to deliver them: /

When we show we have taken your business seriously and we care for its growth, we get happy clients who always comes back!

Hope that helps for your next project!

Do add in your experience and questions in comments.

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